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CityGate Opens in Rochester, New York!!
Cheeburger Cheeburger has been a very popular restaurant in Rochester for years. And it will continue to be. But now, at a new location. The landmark Cheeburger, located at the Port of Rochester, has moved to CityGate located on the Erie Canal in the heart of the City of Rochester's university and hospital district. Cheeburger Cheeburger Rochester is owned by Mike and Traci Bauer, locals themselves. While the location at the Port was seasonal, only open eight months a year, CityGate will be open all year. Mike said "Now the people who love us, and who doesn't, will be able to enjoy their favorite food whenever they want. Not just in the warmer weather. We're very excited to open this new year-round location, and we look forward to opening more Cheeburger restaurants around the city in the years to come". Mike and Traci invite everyone to stop in at the new CityGate location at 350 East Henrietta Road. Call the restaurant at 585-271-2433 or visit the locations page of this web site for more information.

Cranberry Township, PA Opens!
Cranberry Township is the fastest growing area in the Pittsburgh Metro, with a forecasted future of more growth and prosperity. And one of the things that make Cranberry such a great place to live and work is the newly opened Cheeburger Cheeburger on Route 228. The owner of this fabulous new restaurant is Rahul Garg. He's as excited as his customers that he is part of this vibrant community. If you are anywhere near the Greater Pittsburgh area, be sure to stop in at 1713 Route 228 and say "Hi" to Rahul and his friendly crew. For more information, call 724-779-1155 or visit the locations page of this web site.

Nancy & Friends Fighting Cancer NEWS
Bruce Zicari II is Named Chair of Wilmot Cancer Center Board.

Mr. Bruce Zicari II, son of Cheeburger Cheeburger Founder and Chairman Bruce Zicari, has been named Chair of the Wilmot Cancer Center Board. The Wilmot Cancer Center, in Rochester, New York, has long been a leader in cancer research. One of its noble goals is to become the most acknowledged and respected cancer research center in the world. Also very dedicated to cancer research is Cheeburger Cheeburger, and the Zicari family. In fact, Bruce Zicari created Nancy & Friends Fighting Cancer, Inc., a nonprofit organization, for the purpose of generating money to fund cancer research. This organization is unique in the fact that 100% of all funds raised, every dollar contributed, goes directly to fund cancer research and those afflicted with this terrible disease. None of the money contributed is used for overhead or administrative costs of any kind.


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